Regional Pasture Network offers collections of documents on topics of pasture management and related fields in Russian and English languages. The range of documents in the collections include academic research, datasets, events, government policy and strategy, legislation, project activity, and training materials. This e-library is hosted on K-LINK DMS (Knowledge document management system).

Frequently Asked Questions and Policy for Use of the Knowledge Exchange Network and K-DMS Library.

If you want to become a member of the Regional Pasture Network, please contact us with your name, email, country and institutional affiliation at rpn@klink.asia.

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Our network actively supports the translation of documents from English into Russian language. If you have any documents in our library that you want to see translated, please write to us at rpn@klink.asia.

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We invite you to join our Facebook group and subscribe to your newsletter by sending an email to rpn@klink.asia.

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FAO Pastoralist Knowledge Hub is an FAO initiative which brings together pastoralists and the main actors working with them to join forces and create synergies for dialogue and pastoralist development.

Pasture Management Networking Platform in Tajikistan is an essential part of RPN. The overall objective of the Pasture Management Networking Platform in Tajikistan is to contribute to sustainable management of rangelands in Tajikistan that fosters rural economic development while restoring rangelands ecosystems.

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